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Why Us?                                                             


The road to safety starts here at U.S Driving School


First and foremost we would like to thank all parents for participating with their child to obtain something that is required in our life time. Without a license it is almost impossible to move around to get to work, school, after school activities and other places of importance. It is important to us that we keep our students safe while driving. It can be very dangerous if not paying attention to street rules and abiding by the law.


Safety First!


The first objective that comes to an instructors mind when a student enters the car is teaching the rules of safe driving. Our instructor will explain to you the importance of being safe while operating a vehicle before allowing you to drive. All of our instructors are well taught by the best experienced instructors from the highest qualifications taught by College of New Jersey. The most important principal is to teach our students defense while driving. While you may drive and not make any mistakes, there are others who are above the influence, speeding, and not paying attention to traffic rules. It is vital to be cautious to avoid the worst from happening.


Our Cars

All our cars are comfortable and well maintained. They all include a dual brakes which provides all our students with security and control to prevent any accidents. 



Our Team


U.S Driving School is owned and operated by a driver and education teacher who has received his degree and certification from College of New Jersey. We are also in great relation with the South River Police Department and school district.


Having instructors who have been teaching for more than 5 years and some in which been taught and received a degree makes our team incredible. You never have to wait more than a week for your seat. We have much room for students and adults everyday making it convenient for you. We also may have same day scheduling if called in the morning and if there is room.


Special Care for the Nervous 


Someone who is nervous of something well never overcome what he or she is nervous about until they have tried to push themselves to surpass that fear. Just as someone who learns to swim, we do not just throw him or her in the pool to see what they can do, rather teaching to move their arms and then legs in a certain pattern and then both together making it simple to move through the flow of water. Similarly, U.S Driving School has been teaching students and adults for several years and learning multiple new and improved ways to teach the best aspects of driving, making it possible to drive anywhere at any time with the flow of traffic.