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Hi student! Finally!  It’s time to help drive your parents around. That’s a good line to use on your parents by the way because by now I am sure your parents are sick and tired of driving. So all you have to say is" just pay for my permit and my course and I would love to drive you where ever you would like. Don’t forget to smile!! That should do the trick.


16 Yr Old
Students 17+

If you are sixteen years of age, you are now eligible to obtain your NJ learners permit. Often students take a driver’s education course at school where they can take the written test. 50 DMV questions are given to students at school which will determine their knowledge base in driving to allow them a learners permit.


If you are sixteen who has not had the chance to take the exam at school dont worry. You may and must by state law take a certified instructor with you to the Dmv to take the written exam.


Upon sucssefully completing the written exam, you must complete a 6 hour behind-the-wheel course which will teach you important techneqs needed to drive on the road safely. It will also provide you the benifit to start preparing for the road test. We also service higher end courses with added hours and techneqis if needed. This is often determined through our evaluation.


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If you are a student who is seventeen or older, at this point you have surpassed the legal age limit to obtain a permit on your own or with a parent or friend. It may be a cheaper route to go, but you may put yourself and possibly others at risk by driving on roads with thousands of other driver's for the first time especially, without learning the correct and most crucial elements in driving. US Driving School has instructors who can help you with this, certainly with dual control brakes and keeping hazardous focus at all times on the road and with the student. 


If you are 17 who has had a learner's permit for none less than six months, than now is the time to prepare for your road test which will allow you to receive your provisinal drivers license.


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Written test: A fifty question exam in which you must answer 40 correctly in order to pass in order to issue a permit. If you have successfully completed the exam at your high school, you have been given a blue card so that you may skip this step. Please hold on to this blue card as it is used to issue the permit at the DMV


Behind the wheel course: Completing one of our driving courses will complete the process to obtain a learners permit. By law a student of this program at the age of 16 must receive no less than 6-hours of lessons behind the wheel from a certified school and instructor. 

                                                   Practice: In order for you to become a better and more experinced driver you must practice. This is the soul purpose and reason why the DMV requires a 6 months wait period before taking your road test. This will give you the chance to focus your skills on the road while someone like your parents or older friends who has experince is supervising you. Not only that but It will also help you perpare for your road test. Keep in mind you are only eligibale to take the road test at the age of 17+. So most of you who are 16 might have to wait the extra months.
  Road test: Taking the road test is simple yet trickey and nerve racking. Our main focus is teaching you how to maintain your speed along with turning at correct angels at the right time to keep a steady and smooth paste at the motor vehicles obstacle course. Additionaly, there are certain signs placed and techniques needed to be used in order to successfully pass. Allow us to help you release all tension and instead build up the confidence needed to pass with flying colors! 
  Your Done! Now you are officially an independent driver. You may drive where ever you like. However, you may have certain restrictions based on your the license you recieved.  
    As always! have a wonderful and safe drive. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your driving experience. 



If you are a student who already has a learners permit or drivers licinse and feels the need to enhance stronger driving skills, than what your looking for is a quick refresher course which evaluates the way you drive. Based on your evaluation by a certified driving instructor, a list of focused objectives is created to teach. 


In order to do this, we designed all our courses to teach certain techniques that must be acquired and kept with you always. Some of these include:



Road Rules, signs, and intersections
Mirror, seat, and belt adjustments.
Starting the car and learning all control settings of the car.
Gas and break pedal pressure levels.
Turns, lane changing, and straight reverse methods.
Parellel parking and K turns.
Night, rain, snow driving.
Hesitation control and multiple hazard control
Hill parking and curb adjustment.


How long until I can obtain my provisional driver’s license?

You must drive with a permit for six months. You may not obtain your driver license until you complete the age of 17 years or older. You can also look at your learners permit to see that the DMV has already posted an appointment for your road test.


What is the difference between a basic and provisional driver’s license?

A provisional driver’s license allows you to drive under supervision, meaning there is a couple of restrictions that you must abide by in order not to receive a ticket for one complete year until you can receive your basic license as than there will no longer be any restrictions to your driving.


Call today or sign up to book your spot today, Why US?

U.S Driving School has never failed in teaching our beginners how to drive; rather we have always made it our mission to make our beginners fall in love with driving. We teach our students the best techniques to use when taking the road test or any other course. No worries our service includes special care for the nervous, unique and simple professional ways to pass the road test from the first time, and elevate your skills to the highest standard in driving a vehicle. 


What is the Parallel parking trick?

Parallel parking is parking on the side of the road by the curb, most times in between two cars. Often we use this mechanism in cities where there aren’t many parking spaces for businesses or homes without their own drive way. Parallel parking is one of DMV"S (Department of Motor Vehicle) toughest obstacles during the road test. However, this is only what you may think, because here at U.S Driving School we have developed a unique solution to make parallel parking a piece of cake. For more information call or chat with us today. You may also register here for additional information.



It is important that you keep up with your kids on how to obtain their learners permit and or license. If you have any questions or concerns at all please contact us or call our office or visit us to speak with us, we love to assist you any way we can. If you would like to set a call back for your son or daughter fill out the bottom portion and we will get back to you right away to confirm. Thank you for taking interest with U.S Driving School, A Great environment for students to learn from the best!