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Hi Adult! isn't it about time you get in a car and start driving? Now is the time to learn because no worries our service includes special care for the nervous, unique and simple professional ways to pass the road test from the first time. U.S Driving School has never failed in teaching our beginners how to drive; rather we always succeeded in making our beginners fall in love with driving making them the best experienced drivers by the end of their lesson.


Steps to Obtain a Drivers License
Refresher Courses

Adults who start at the age of 21 and older may obtaining a State of New Jersey driver’s license after obtaining a learners permit for a least 3 months before allowing a road test to be taken at the DMV. Only then can you receive your state of New Jersey Driver license.


        (Obtain a permit and pass!)

The first step to obtaining a permit is to study for the written exam. If you haven’t done so, please acquire the small booklet from the DMV as it will guide you to what you need to know. After reading the book please come back to our site and use our free tools to test your knowledge before taking the exam.

  Take Eye Exam
    This exam is fairly easy and takes a minute to do. This is a DMV requirement making sure all drivers are able to see while driving creating a safer environment for our everyday drivers. This test involves you looking through a scope to read out a group of letters, numbers and 3 distinct colors. Please be advised to bring glasses or contacts you may often wear.
  Practice on the road for 3 months

This is wear it gets very important because in order for you to get good at driving on the road with a thousand other drivers on the road, you must Practice! Practice! And Practice! Of course, it must be with someone sitting in the passenger seat with you who has a licenses and is 21 years of age or older.

  Road Test

Now this is where everyone starts to worry and become intimidated by the DMV testing center. In reality its easier than taking the written test. The key element to passing the road test is to be calm and that is where we can help you.


Many people who are completely ready to experience driving alone are nervous before taking the road test which may allow them to make several mistakes. This case must be treated in a delicate manner that will allow you to be confident in every step of the road test. To understand everything down to the last detail what the road test is all about and how the obstacle is operated. Please sign up to learn more about the road test which can help you pass the exam.

  Your Done!

Now you are officially an independent driver. You may drive where ever you like at any time you would like. 

    As always! have a wonderful and safe drive. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your driving experience. 


If you are a student who already has a learners permit or drivers licinse and feels the need to enhance stronger driving skills, than what your looking for is a quick refresher course which evaluates the way you drive. Based on your evaluation by a certified driving instructor, a list of focused objectives is created to teach. 


In order to do this, we designed all our courses to teach certain techniques that must be acquired and kept with you always. Some of these include:


Road Rules, signs, and intersections
Mirror, seat, and belt adjustments.
Starting the car and learning all control settings of the car.
Gas and break pedal pressure levels.
Turns, lane changing, and straight reverse methods.
Parellel parking and K turns.
Night, rain, snow driving.
Hesitation control and multiple hazard control
Hill parking and curb adjustment.


How is it we help the nervous?

Someone who is nervous of something well never overcome what he or she is nervous about until they have tried to push themselves to surpass that fear. Just as someone who learns to swim, we do not just throw him or her in the pool to see what they can do, rather teaching to move their arms and then legs in a certain pattern and then both together making it simple to move through the flow of water. Similarly, U.S Driving School has been teaching students and adults for several years and learning multiple ways to teach the best aspects of driving  to all our future drivers, making it possible to drive anywhere at any time with the flow of traffic.


What is the Parallel parking trick?

Parallel parking is parking on the side of the road by the curb, most times in between two cars. Often we use this mechanism in cities where there aren’t many parking spaces for businesses or homes without their own drive way. Parallel parking is one of DMV"S (Department of Motor Vehicle) toughest obstacle during the road test. However, this is only what you may think, because here at U.S Driving School we have developed a unique solution to make parallel parking a piece of cake. For more information call or chat today. You may also register here for additional information.