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Click on the tab that best fits your profile. Please read carefully as our directions will guide you to the right location in our website and give you important updated information needed to obtain a state of New Jersey drivers license.



This is where students can freely come and enjoy experiencing our tools online to help exceed their knowledge base in learning how to drive. We offer a lot of information on the process it takes to obtain a driver's license.


We also offer free educational quizzes and videos to enhance key elements in driving. If you don’t feel like calling than message our support team online to help assist you navigate through our site or answer any further questions you may have. Our chat system is directly at the bottom in the right hand corner of our site. Please feel free to chat with us.




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Adults who are 21 years of age or older may obtain a State of New Jersey driver’s license after issuing and holding a learners permit for a least 3 months before allowing a road test to be taken at the Motor Vehicle Commission. Only then can you receive your state of New Jersey Driver license.


Step 1. (Obtain a permit and pass!)  The first step to obtaining a permit is to study for the written exam. If you haven’t done so, please acquire the small booklet from the DMV as it will guide you to what you need to know. After reading the book please come back to our site and use our free tools to test your knowledge before taking the exam.

Step 2. (Take Eye Exam) This is taken at the Motor Vehicle Commission 

Step 3. (Practice on the road for 3 months) Practice produces excellence

Step 4. (Road Test!) This is the test to determine your skills to obtain your driver license which is taken at the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Step 5. (Your Done!) Have fun!! Be Safe!

Now it is time to enjoy the freedom of driving from point A to point B at any time you desire.




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Below are 3 highly trained courses for 16 year olds, students and adults who are looking to obtain a license or simply would like to enhance their driving skills to attain better defense mechanisms and maneuvering for safer driving on the road.


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Below are services for written and road exams. To learn more click on each one.



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Quick Refresher

Below are two of our popular refreasher courses that helps enhance your driving skills on the road and elimenate anxiety you may have while driving.



Take 2 hour refresher Take 4 hour refresher