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The services offered here ranges within a wide variety of learning attitudes and skills used to encourage people to get behind the wheel of a car and start driving. One of our services highly includes teaching beginner students who are looking to obtain a learners permit and a driver’s license in the future.


Whether you are a student who received the blue card from your high school or a student who needs to take the written test at the Motor Vehicle, we are here to guide you with this task. Let a professional teach you the correct way to drive. Our concern isnt only obtaining your permit or drivers license, but also learning the true foundation of how to drive on the road with focus and defence. US Driving School takes pride in its establishment. Always working for you!    


Our second most important goal is teaching adults how to drive, especially foreigners who are just entering or visiting the country and also adults who find it difficult or nerve racking to drive with other vehicles on the road. We understand your struggle and would love to assist you with this task. The task is simple, after all it is only you who has the ability to learn as much as you want in driving. Thus, US Driving School is only here to teach and motivate you to your highest level of potential in driving. All of our instructors are certified, professional, friendly and very patient. Join now and start learning today!  



Below are 3 highly trained courses for 16 year olds, students and adults who are looking to obtain a license or simply would like to enhance their driving skills to attain better defense mechanisms and maneuvering skills for safer driving on the road. Choose a course to get started. 


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Below are services for written and road exams. To learn more click on each one. 





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Below are two more of our popular quick refreasher courses which helps enhance your driving skills on the road and elimenates anxiety you may have while driving.



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